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Is Introvert Shaming or Bullying A Real Thing?

Introvert Shaming

Either you’re thinking here we go again with the whole over usage of shaming and bullying. Or you’re on the receiving end of it and thinking “Hallelujah” someone is finally going talking about this. Honestly I can totally understand how you could feel either way. Yes there is a part of me that feels that the […]

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What Is An Introvert?

What is an introvert?

There are a lot misconceptions of what an introvert is and the characteristics they display. Most of them are wrong and come from extroverts who are failing miserably to understand us. Unfortunately, they resort to mislabeling us since we don’t fit in their narrow view of acceptable social interactions. So let’s try to break down what is and isn’t an introvert. If you don’t […]

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Are Introverts Rude or Misunderstood?

Are introverts rude?

As an introvert there are lot of things we do for our own sanity and your safety, that the rest of the world considers rude. Trust me it’s not our intention to hurt your feelings. It’s really more about your misinterpretation of our actions. So let me break down 3 things that you’re probably taking the wrong […]

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