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Are Introverts Rude or Misunderstood?

As an introvert there are lot of things we do for our own sanity and your safety, that the rest of the world considers rude. Trust me it’s not our intention to hurt your feelings. It’s really more about your misinterpretation of our actions. So let me break down 3 things that you’re probably taking the wrong way.

Ignoring Phone Calls

I can’t tell you how happy I am that text messaging and caller id was invented. Why you may ask? Because it finally meant that I could avoid yapping with most people unless I want to. Although we as introverts are great listeners, it saps us dry to do so frequently. So we want to keep telephone conversation to a minimum especially when we have to deal with people that babble on. So the best thing to do is text us and get to the point. You have a better chance of getting a response that way than calling us. It’s nothing personal but it’s just better for all parties involved. And if you’re the type that wants to hear our voice, feel free to listen to our voicemail. But don’t leave a message because we probably won’t call back. But we will eventually respond to a text or email.

Disappearing At Social Events

People assume that introverts aren’t social beings. And you know what they say about people that ASSume. In either case that’s another misconception. We can “turn up” with the best of them but up to a point. Whereas an extrovert actually gains a lot of energy by being around people as much as possible it’s just the opposite for us introverts. There is an internal meter that comes on as soon as we step into a social situation. We can hang out and have fun with the best of y’all.  But once that meter is empty, it’s time for us to break the hell out of there. Otherwise we will become anti-social and rude. So it’s best to let us slip away in silence to avoid our wrath. We don’t need your little jokes, stares or comments either. That just makes us less inclined to be at the next event. At the end of the day It’s not that we don’t enjoy the company, it’s just that we had our fill. So let it be.

Don’t You Open Up That Front Door!

To introverts all surprise visits from friends or family might as well be the Jevhova Witness knocking. In other words it’s not usually welcomed. So you can ring the door bell or knock on the door all you want. Chances are we’ll act like no one is home until you get the picture and get the hell on Felicia. It’s nothing personal but again keep in mind that social interactions are draining on introverts. There is a certain amount of mental preparation we make before any social engagements to help us get through them. So when your ass decides to pop up unannounced it throws us for a loop. So to avoid making you or the introvert uncomfortable, we are going to go ahead and not answer the door so you can be on your merry way.

That’s All Folks!

Hopefully this article better answers the questions are introverts rude? Obviously I was very snarky with some of my comments to make my fellow introverts smile. But for those of you who aren’t introverts reading this, the basic message is that we aren’t intentionally trying to make you feel like crap. You just need to understand that we have limits that should be respected for our sanity and your personal safety. lol

Let me know if you can relate or disagree by leaving a comment down below. I’d love to hear your thoughts either way.

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