About Me

IMG_5154Hey, I’m Eddy with a y and I’ve been an introvert my whole life. I never really felt comfortable with large groups of people. Instead I gravitated towards smaller groups of friends. I also found that I really enjoyed spending quality time by myself. Needless to say that made for an awkward childhood and twenties. But I managed to survive it even though I didn’t feel like I quite fit in.


I just chucked up my personality to being anti-social, quiet or shy since that is what everyone else labelled me. Eventually as I got older I learned to embrace my personality and or so I thought. As defense mechanism for being ridiculed for being to myself, I started to joke that I didn’t like people. It was a way to defuse the tension I would feel when people would crack jokes about my need to get away from folks in social events after I had my fill. I basically trained everyone around to believe I really didn’t like people. Although this was very confusing for people that know me. Because in many social situations I can be very engaged, funny and dare I say charming when I want to be. It’s just I couldn’t do it for the sustained amounts of time as my extroverted friends and family.

Oh Snap, I’m Not Weird!

As a result I just continued to wear the mask of the person that hated people. This all changed one day when my sister shared an funny meme from an introvert blog. I was cracking up because it described me perfectly. Out of curiosity I decided to dig deeper in the introvert fan page and quickly discovered more memes and articles that described my whole being. To my surprise there is a whole world of people that are just like me. Good God, I wasn’t alone! Apparently I wasn’t all the things that my extroverted friends and family labelled me. I was me a proud introvert.

Why This Blog?

So I decided to create this blog to help others like me find themselves. But this isn’t your ordinary warm and fuzzy Introvert blog. I’m a lot more unapologetic and in your face about our cause. So you’ll probably laugh a lot or be shocked by some of the things I say. But it’s all in fun with the goal to empower you. So go and enjoy the blog and stop reading my babbling.

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